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Hello & Welcome to Our World

This Site is the combined works from strangers who met on the
Net & became friends.
Each, in their own way, has given inspiration to the other.
  One lives in Australia

The other in France  

Two people with many rungs of the ladder of life between them, of different
generations and gender, but neither find that to be a barrier in enjoying
a growing friendship.
To create this site we first agreed upon a subject, then each built their
page (s) rather secretively, to surprise the other.
To say the suspense and anticipation of seeing the other's work grew more
each day - is an under-statement. It was like a child waiting for Santa Claus
to come.
Then - at long last - all was linked together.
We hope you enjoy visiting as much as we did building our site.

Australia......................... France
Australia time is 8 hours ahead of France
We wish to share with you, the continuation of our friendship.
Our site has grown and grown - so we have made a SITE INDEX and the link
is below.

It is really incredible how a friendship could grow so strong between two people
with so many years separating them - not to mention the miles also between

We have shared so many wonderful moments through MSN Messenger,
Netmeetings and the ever the faithful "daily email".

Also - with the highs and lows we each have experienced within our families,
loving support has been there, each for the other.

Some of these wonderful moments are within the links below.
Happy 1st Birthday to Us
May 2002

We are both experiencing a lack of time these days :-)
Terry's family are growing up so quickly, both girls are now
attending school.

I also have many commitments that keep me busy.

But the passing of years has not weakened our friendship at all,
in fact it continues to grow stronger as the years roll by.

The bonds we have - each with the other - would, I am sure, be
impossible to break :-)
2006 - Another milestone for us :-)

How the years do roll by and we are still
having fun together :-)








Lookee Here     
We enjoy fun together -- Laurie
and Terry
Friendship Club
  Where good friends meet

Just Look at This 
Enjoy Terry's humor with our good friend Whisper
Sacred Moments From Afar 
Between Laurie and Terry  



 Very Special
Terry sent this Candle to me, unaware that I was
experiencing a low point in my life :-)


Please let us know you have visited us, we would love to hear from you :)
Here we have more pages for your pleasure :-)
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  Remember Sept. 11th

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Created by two   friends in "Harmony" ~~ May 2001

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