Blue bird of Happiness - "Sequenced by RedSal"


The Blue Bird of Happiness is so elusive, but once
one flies by you the memory of that joy remains forever.

Just like the beautifulrainbow that you can see
but never touch.

Deep in my heart I hold many moments of true
happiness, I believe...

That Happiness Is:

Well - to start with - happiness is NOT winning a race, an
argument, a battle or winning the lottery.

Being happy does not mean your life is perfect, but means
you are capable of seeing beyond another's imperfections.

True happiness comes from deep inside you, or is placed
there by another.

Once there it is there to stay, you will never lose it, although
at times when life deals you a *lemon* or two, you wonder,
But stay still, relax, give it a chance.
The happiness will surface again and give you the hope and
courage to carry on.

I believe it is then that you find your *Inner Strength*

Give Freely

If you give happiness to others you will never be alone,
happiness will be yours also, knowing that you have
made someone happy.

A **Smile** a **Well Done** a **Gentle Touch**
when freely given is like the touch of the
Blue Bird flying by.

Update    The Blue Bird truly touched
me recently...

On my golden Wedding Anniversary I lost the Diamond
Eternity ring my husband gave me for our Silver Anniversary,
and I was feeling very sick at heart.
At bingo the next day I was telling my table of Bingo Mates
what had happened.
One young "girl" in her thirties gently placed her hands
around my ring hand, and quietly said Oh Laurie! I am so
This act did not take the hurt away, but it warmed my heart.
I can feel that gentle touch now as I write.
Thank you L.C.

So give a gentle touch to someone who is does help.

Some of the things that have given me much
happiness are ...

A beautiful sunset
Watching a child at play
The joys of nature
Having good friends
Meeting a "soul mate" on the net
Seeing a friends name on email waiting
to be read

You meet many people as you walk down the
path of life, but true friends will leave their
footprints in your heart.

The Song

-author unknown-

Be like I, hold your head up high
Till you find a blue bird of happiness.
You will find greater peace of mind
Knowing there's a blue bird of happiness.
And when he sings to you
Though you're deep in blue,
You will see a ray of light creep through.
And so remember this, life is no abyss,
Some-where there's a blue bird of happiness.

 Update I now have information about the
                     author, please visit the link below.

About the Bluebird

The Original Blue bird of Happiness Story

Did you know that the only places in the world where the
Eastern Bluebird can be found are in North American a
nd Bermuda?

The early settlers were captivated by this lovely, plump,
sweet singing bird.

More songs and poems have been written about the
Bluebird than any other bird.

It is associated with - Spring - Love and Joy.

It is a symbol of commemorating Marriages and

It is considered to be a messenger for Contentment
and Health.
Author unknown

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