Midi - Bluebird of Happiness

You Have Touched
My  Heart

Welcome to all visitors, I hope that you or your loved ones
can find solace here as Christina and her friend did, to
be able to give this from my page makes me feel
very humble.

I received the letter below via an email.
Christina has kindly allowed me to print it here.


A friend who is a recent widow was feeling blue so I went
to my computer to find the Blue Bird of Happiness.
I called her to come over and see this wonderful, not story,
but how could I explain all the wonderful titbits that
it contained.
I gave her a box of kleenex and she wondered why,
but right now her emotions are so strong I knew that it
would touch her heart.

We both thoroughly enjoyed not only the words but
also the music.

I have been exploring the other stories, pictures and music.

Since I found this site I go back to it often and am telling

many of my friends about it.

So this is a very big thank-you from Chambly, Quebec


Christina it is I who should say "Thank You" to you for
such a kind email.
What a beautiful and caring heart you have, you
and your friend share a truly great friendship.



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