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Come on in and sit awhile ~ take off your shoes ~ that's right ~ now
                             jiggle your toes in the lovely cool water, refresh yourself and enjoy.
                            This site is designed to bring all my work together for you to browse
                               as you wish.

                        WHOOPS!      Did you see that angel, she nearly
                          landed on my head. Her name is Misty and she looks after me.

                           There was a time when I was bored with life, did not know what to
                         do with myself.
                            Then I discovered my enchanted forest amidst all the hustle and
                        bustle of this world of ours.

                         My enchantment began when I was guided to the Cyber World.
                       I swear my special angel
- Misty - took me by the hand and
                            led me to you.

                             My gift then for you, is to share my joys with you at my
                        enchanted waters.

                    Join me now and dip into mytreasure chest and select
                         from my creations listed on my site map.



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