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 Goodies From
Down Under"

 Perth ~~ Australia
Australia does not have a great variety of Bingo Goodies but
what they have are attractive and great to use.
I hope in the near future to be able to expand this page.

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Update about the ..... "Win - It" Bingo Board
The board was designed specifically for convenience and comfort
of bingo players, based on players need for marker pen storage.
With this design you have better posture and less fatigue.
 ~~Some Beautiful Boards~~

Can't do without the sweets!
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Always be a good Girl Guide - Be Prepared! 
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Just love this clear one - do you?

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No matter what your colour preference, you are sure to have
a good day with such beautiful equipment.

Photo's used with permission from
~~ email...B.Harrison
Manufacturer - Perth Australia

There are a number of practical uses for the Win - here are just a few:
Great for holding note paper when writing letters
Can be used on your lap
Beside your telephone

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