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The RTP (Round The Pylon) flight system is a method of flying electric powered model aircraft in restricted spaces, both indoors and outdoors. The models, which are tethered to a central pylon, can be controlled by the "pilot" who has full control of the model at all times without the use of a radio.

A wide range of aircraft types can be safely flown using this system, Scale or non scale, single or multi motor as well as ducted fans. So even the very latest jet types can be successfully flown indoors such as in a sports hall. The tether lines which are also used to convey power to the model, can vary in length from 3 metres to 10 metres. (10ft to 30ft) to suit the space available.

Most of the motors used for R.T.P models are rated 12 volts DC so that car or motorcycle batteries can be used as a power source, although the domestic AC mains supply can be used with a suitable DC transformer.

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Piper Super Cub
710mm (28 inch)

Piper CubThe simplest R.T.P set up is one utilizing a resistive type of hand controller combined with a utility pylon head and 12 volt battery power supply. This setup is ideal for models such as this slow flying Piper Super Cub where space restricts line length to less than 5 metres ( 15 feet).




 Airbus A320
Wingspan: 860mm (34 inch)

AirbusThis Aibus A320 is powered by two electric ducted fans and looks and sounds just like the real thing .With a control system incorporating a polarity reversing switch, it is even possible to land these jet models using reverse thrust




 Tiger Moth
Wingspan: 660mm (26 inch)

Tiger MothFor those who like to add lots of derail, this scale Tiger Moth gives some idea oft the type of model which can be flown safely again and again using the R.T.P system. The small electric motors which are used are very quiet and ideally suited for indoor flying.



  Douglas TAV8B (Harrier Jump Jet)
Wingspan: 515mm (20inch)

Harrier Jump JetThe latest jets such as this profile all sheet Douglas TAV8B (Harrier Jump Jet) make great R.T.P models now that efficient ducted fans are now available.




 Fokker DR1 Triplane
Wingspan: 610mm (24 inch)

Fokker Triplane For those who like building colorful WW1 aircraft, How about this Fokker DR1 triplane as flown by Manfred von Rchthofen in 1918. With separate control systems it is possible to operate 2 models from the same pylon, so with say a Triplane and a Sopwith Pup, or other matching pairs, fast combat flying can add to the excitement.



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