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Management Workshops

Denning Branch International offers a comprehensive suite of workshops, seminars, training sessions and similar programs including those on corporate ethics and corporate governance for boards, executives, shareholder groups, staff and other stakeholders interested in, or concerned about, corporate well-being.

DBI has extensive hands-on experience across all corporate activities, at all operational levels, and in all business sectors. As a direct result, we are able to provide off-the-shelf seminars at short notice, or to tailor-design custom sessions for individual clients' specific needs. Included are sessions on all aspects of sales, marketing, operations, service delivery, administration, R&D and management.

An experienced turnaround specialist will often take the same business case to banks and investors that the company has just failed to attract funds from, but come back with a positive result because money is linked to proven people.

Corporate governance is a topic of current concern. Management and governance go hand in hand, so where poor management or poor results occur, there is poor governance.

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Crisis Management can mean two entirely different things. One is the observable chaotic behavior of a manager out of their depth, the other is the skilful management used by someone else to fix it. The first is characterized by the manager usually throwing money at the problem, displaying anger and frustration, blaming everyone else. The other, the competent manager who deals with this scenario, will be a turnaround CEO.

Denning Branch International, with our extensive international experience, has resolved all kinds of complex ethical questions such as corporate collusion, market interference, conflict resolution, financial or fiduciary irresponsibility, and environmental conservation, in innovative ways that do not impinge on the bottom line.

Telling someone to do something and complaining when it does not get done, is not communication. It is not even management. All great companies are great communicators.

A good general manager will make $100 go further, last longer, do more with it than anyone else, while a true CEO will make $100 become $1,000.