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Corporate turnarounds

Knowing what is wrong

What is a turnaround?

Who is a turnaround specialist?

Corporate Turnarounds

The hardest thing about fixing a company is knowing what is wrong, what exactly is wrong and being absolutely sure of it. Then the fix is certain and confident.

We apply a turnaround process based not on the traditional "current state of the company", but how it got to where it is, in the context of its history, its management, its governance, its industry, its market and its competitors. Our solutions are therefore extraordinarily robust and sustainable after we finish.

All companies transition through about 5 different stages during their lives, each called a cycle. While there is debate about the number of cycles, there is no doubt that they exist. The style of management needed at each plateau is different, so getting through one cycle is no guarantee of succeeding at the next. When a company fails to make the transition to the next stage of its life cycle, it requires a turnaround.



A turnaround specialist is firstly a professional CEO. They are not consultants, not directors, not general managers, not accountants, nor lawyers. Nor generally are they specialists within a particular industry, a turnaround specialist will turn around a company in any industry, moving from one to another to another. They are company specialists. In fact the previous CEO, the one who got the company into trouble, was probably an industry specialist. The turnaround CEO has exceptional knowledge about companies and business.

Their clarity of vision and ability to instantaneous determine what is wrong and what will fix it is often uncanny and is what contributes to the well documented leadership attribute they have. People - meaning staff, shareholders, creditors, customers, bankers, suppliers, government bodies - all develop immediate trust and faith in this visible ability and follow them where they otherwise would not.

  1. We promise to turn your company around no matter what
  2. We promise to turn it around very rapidly
  3. We promise to do so without downsizing