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Denning Branch International (DBI) has two divisions: CORPORATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES and SMART MOBILE ROBOTICS. Please select the "Home" page from the top menu to exit this robotics section.

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DBI has developed intelligent, autonomous, mobile robots in numerous market sectors that have employed each of the technologies identified in "Robotics Expertise" below. Some market sectors and illustrations of sample robots, most of which have been successfully manufactured and commercialized, appear below. Many of these pics are from "happy snaps" taken by engineers during projects, so we apologize for their low quality, and hope that this is offset by their technical and historical value. They are included here to document the extent of our prior robotics accomplishments, not always acknowledged by the industry. Many of these photos have never been seen before.

robot pic

Click on each thumbnail sketch, (which are shown in normalized aspect ratio for the sake of symmetry in the table), to see the picture larger and in greater detail. Holding the mouse over a thumbnail sketch and waiting a second or two without clicking the button will result in the robot's identity being disclosed.

To see each currently available robot and to read their specifications in greater detail, please go to the "Products" page of this web site. (Go to Products)

Materials Handling
Pipeline Maintenance
Oil Exploration
Floor care
Walking Robots
Toxic Waste Treatment
Smart Sensors
Navigation and Guidance Systems
Consultation and Prototyping
Click on each picture to see larger image.
F40 heavy duty industrial IRGV UTV200 industrial IRGV Fander second generation educational robot AHV Articulated Haulage Vehicle
Tasman Turtle Original educational robot MaxiFander, high payload version of Fander Blinker, first prototype of Parametric Mapping navigation system Florbot, General Electric Plastic's vacuum cleaner robot
MRV4, 4th generation university research robot Chester CBM's foray into hobby robotics T-Bot, hand gripping hobby robot for radio Shack Elami, first generation hobby robot for Tomy Corp
Mr Walker, two legged dynamically balanced walking robot Suitcase, stairclimbing robot suitcase for Samsonite Axlon, version of Parametric Mapping for Nolan Bushnell's company Wheelchair, Access stairclimbing wheelchair for Quest technologies
RoboPed2, television camera robot RoboScrub industrial floor cleaning robot, laser guided Demobot, sample robot for Moulinex conceived and prototyped in 30 days Sentry, original Denning security guard robot
DogBot, following Petster and preceding Aibo Omnibot, derivative of Elami by Tomy Corp Prototyping, development of D'Entrecasteaux, cleaning under a chair without touching it yet retaining position information Sonar and Laser Sensors, smart rotating sonar sensor for quick cheap environment maps
Navigation, Part of Parametric Mapping's Scene Analysis Path Planner, simple but smart dynamic path planner for vacuum cleaner CLM12, accumulated generation of environment map by Parametric Mapping System House Done, complex dynamic path panner of D'Entrecasteaux after completing a three roomed house

Robotics Expertise ( Back to Top)

Branch & Associates Pty. Ltd., now trading as Denning Branch International (DBI), was the world's first and is still among the most experienced of mobile robotics companies. We have unsurpassed technical expertise, development know-how, production experience, market knowledge, industry knowledge and proprietary technology.

Summarizing our skills: we are able to developed rapidly, inexpensively, and with guaranteed results, advanced technology and marketable products. We are able to simultaneously ensure performance specifications and production cost expectations to reach a target market price point.

Included in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology repertoire are speech recognition, speech generation, natural language understanding, scene analysis, pattern recognition, task planning, path planning, object recognition and object interaction.

Included in the Autonomous Robotics technology repertoire are local mapping, global mapping, world modeling, local guidance, global path planning, sensor fusion, user interfaces, ergonomics, mechanical design, walking mechanics, materials science, power systems, alternative power systems, manipulator design, task integration, and autonomous navigation and guidance.

Robotic Pioneers ( Back to Top)

Our robots include innovative designs in such diverse areas as stair climbing suitcases, stair climbing wheelchairs, log haulage for forestry, rubber plantation harvesters, small fruit harvesters, household and industrial floor cleaning, walking robots for industry and leisure, sophisticated hobby robots that talk and navigate, and our mainstay robots for education and research.

Denning Branch International introduced the world's first successful mobile robot product, the Tasman Turtle educational robot in 1979; the world's first truly autonomous navigation and guidance system, the Parametric Mapping System in 1984; the world's first mass produced robots, Elami and its derivative Omnibot in 1985; the world's first household robot vacuum cleaners, General Electric Plastic's Florbot in 1989 and Moulinex's low cost D'Entrecasteaux in 1993, and until our departure from full time robotics in 1997, had conceived, developed, manufactured and sold more robots that the rest of the industry combined.

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Denning Branch International has a well developed business unit developing or completing projects for clients. Where necessary we inject our proprietary technology into the client project to stave off failure or increase chances of technical and commercial success.

       Apart from selling robots, our services in the robotics industry include:

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