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Join us pic Denning Branch International has exceptional opportunities for seasoned business executives to join its world network of corporate turnaround experts. Since DBI offers a different type of corporate turnaround service, with guaranteed turnaround without downsizing, using our proprietary techniques and management tools, the opportunity suits only the most accomplished. Please read the following and if you meet the preliminary criteria contact us with your resume for further evaluation under complete confidentiality. DBI Position Enquiry. Joining us means participation in a fast growing organization with increasing international visibility and demand.

NOTE: DBI is sorry that it has no openings for robotics staff.

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       Preliminary Criteria

  • At least 10 years top management experience (CEO, COO, CFO, etc.).
  • A career history with several companies of different sizes.
  • An advanced degree in business or equivalent.
  • A second degree in another discipline such as law, economics, engineering, journalism.
  • Demonstrable hands-on experience in all of: sales, marketing, administration, operations, product development.
  • Experience at board level as director or chairman of listed or unlisted company.

These are deliberately selective criteria, representing the highest level of expertise required to be able to provide the service our company offers, and to ensure the absolute best results for our clients. Please observe that this is not an offer of employment and joining DBI does not mean you are employed by us. Denning Branch International is strictly equal opportunity, relying entirely on suitability and ability. DBI makes no commitment and undertakes no obligation in respect to any respondent.

Benefits ( Back to Top)

       Benefits From Working With DBI

  • Full training and support of proprietary techniques and methods.
  • Assistance with initial implementation of new techniques.
  • Access to and use of world's most advanced turnaround tools.
  • Use of Denning Branch International name and logo.
  • Global marketing support.
  • Global networking and project leads.
  • Opportunities for inclusion in other projects.
  • Emergency assistance in difficult projects.
  • Continuous personal training and accreditation.

Exceptional personal rewards and emotional satisfaction comes from working with DBI and seeing client companies reverse and thrive, seeing peoples' jobs and livelihoods saved. New associates may also contribute experience and solutions to existing members, ensuring constant personal and company development and improvement.

DBI provides full training and support, including initial assistance implementing the specialized techniques. Joining DBI means that you have the world's best tools to offer your clients when fixing their companies, and you have new marketing devices to attract new clients. You use the Denning Branch International name. It also means that global marketing through this web site and other promotions including financial newspapers, media attention and internal networking is yours.

There is a small nominal annual fee associated with joining us, in return for the training, materials and an uncontested territory. Most of the benefits in the list above are otherwise free. All requests and leads in the territory coming through this web site and any office, belong to the owner of that territory. You are also part of a wide network where your special talents or expertise makes you eligible for inclusion in certain projects at your discretion.

DBI performs quality audits, continuous training, and provides emergency assistance in difficult cases to ensure the guaranteed turnaround provision is preserved, and to protect the reputation of the company and each of its members.


Opportunities in Corporate Turnarounds   June 10, 2011.)

NOTE: DBI has current job openings for sales and marketing consulting staff in Australia.

Opportunities in Mobile Robotics   June 10 2011.)

NOTE: DBI is sorry that it has no current openings for robotics staff.

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