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Consulting Services

Denning Branch International is available for specific consulting projects. Our skills are comprehensive, and driven by extensive hands-on experience as in-house CEO's.

Marketing is a constant dichotomy. There are two types of markets, two types of marketing, two definitions of marketing, two types of products and two types of marketers. Without an intimate understanding of the subtleties of marketing, it is possible to design an apparently "text-book" correct marketing program and get it exactly wrong.

Sales is a numbers game. Using only two simple metrics of sales performance it is possible to design, monitor, drive and achieve world-class sales strategies, tactics, plans, compensations, targets, goals and similar.

Effective technology commercialization has two components to it. When these are implemented correctly, commercialization is risk free and easy. One is the use always of independently verified market sizes and the other is constant reference to the Pyramid Model of markets (acknowledging where in the model the technology is placed). The objective is always to race down the Pyramid as quickly as possible.



Quality Control is to Six Sigma as open loop systems are to closed loop systems. The first one requires constant attention and hard work, the second runs by itself. That is because the first one can be set up quickly and easily requiring the hard work from then on, while the latter has a higher up front overhead, but then runs more smoothly.

Risk is a continuum and is controlled by applying the simple adage, "What gets measured gets managed." At the same time there are two human aspects to any system. One is the definition of the system, the other is the use of it. The key aspect to a system is the ergonomics, having great user interfaces.

Most people think of compromise as the best solution to conflict. Compromise is in fact the worst outcome from negotiation because it means each side gives up something, and each party departs feeling the loss.

Compromise is LOSE-LOSE. A far better way of achieving a WIN-WIN outcome is for each party to give everything to the other, in return for something extra of value not yet identified.