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Corporate History

Today Denning Branch International is a corporate turnaround specialist and a business development consultant, but we started life in 1979 as an entrepreneurial company called Aero Electronics Pty Ltd, an advanced technology company with the release of our famous educational robot the Tasman Turtle.

Soon afterwards Branch & Associates Pty Ltd (Tasmanian) was formed to carry on the robotics activities separately from Aero Electronics which was primarily an electronics retailing and repair service company, in turn becoming one of three corporate shareholders in Flexible Systems Pty Ltd (Tasmanian). The other two companies were Adrian Firth and Associates Pty Ltd (Tasmania) and Machine Dynamics Pty Ltd (Victoria).

In 1983 B&A ceased its relationship with Flexible Systems to continue independent robotics activities. DBI's pioneering accomplishments in the smart mobile robotics industry have inspired subsequent generations. By 1983 we had begun turning around technology development and technology commercialization projects for international clients, (e.g. GE PLastics, Commodore, Axlon, Moulinex, Komatsu), using proprietary tools and methods, and in some cases licensing our robotics technology.

From 1986 DBI also began turning around non-technology projects with engagements in sectors such as retailing, aquaculture, agriculture and logistics. These combined activities resulted in the creation of a new management services division of the company. It also saw the development of the proprietary methods we now use to ensure corporate and commercial success.

Through the period December 1993 to July 1997, DBI turned around the Boston-based, NASDAQ listed company, Denning Mobile Robotics, Inc, which was planning a Chapter 7 bankrupty.

In 1997 DBI scaled back its mobile robotics operations to concentrate on its corporate management activites. The history of our robotics endeavors and the amazing story of Denning are given on their own pages under "Robotics" above. DBI still services all the robots it has released since 1979, and undertakes selective smart mobile robotics engagements. (Go to Mobile Robotics.)

Denning Branch International has successfully completed over 100 turnaround engagements, including around 20 companies, 40 divisions of companies and 40 projects within companies, making it one of the most accomplished in this industry.