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MRV8 - Hybrid Articulated Research Vehicle

Combination walking and wheeled mobile research robot.

The MRV series mobile robotic research platforms are state-of-the-art, high-performance autonomous machines. "MRV" simply stands for "Mobile Research Vehicle". Others include the MRV1, MRV2, MRV3, MRV4 and MRV5, all wheeled vehicles, and specifications also on this web site.

Our MRV8 robot introduces a new threshold in technology and innovation together with a dramatic solution to all terrain mobility. The MRV8 is the first walking robot added to the MRV series research product range. It employs a hybrid wheeled arrangement to take ultimate advantage of rough and smooth environments. Its 4 articulated legs and 4 wheels can be selected at will, even while moving, to change from rolling to walking ambulation. The robot can roll on flat surfaces like a conventional vehicle, but step across rugged terrain by walking on slopes, over obstacles and across channels.

Think of a four legged "Functionoid" like the Odex 1 with wheels at the base of each leg that can be locked for walking, or unlocked for rolling.

Like all of our MRV series research robots, the platform provides fast movement up to 15 kph, but with smooth control down to zero kph, and a high payload and volume to ensure that any modifications and accessories can be easily accommodated.

Best of all, the MRV8 comes in its basic configuration for $149,950 USD. This includes the robot chassis, battery and recharge system, dual computers sharing the operating system and other structures, an array of standard sensors, complete listing of all software in an open source code which is easily adapted to user experiments, full technical manual, multiple modes of operation from fully autonomous to fully user dependent, and freight to anywhere in the world.

The MRV8 is useable in its immediate configuration, but is readily adapted to teaching, research programs and industrial applications. After addition of user designed software or even after modification of the provided software by the user, it allows enhancement or modification to the standard behavior.

All code is fully documented. After years of designing and providing research and industrial robots to the world, we have decided to add this expertise into this new robot to provide a totally new level of innovation, providing the user with untold benefits in ease of use, practical design and ease of modification.

With a complete set of sensors for the on board operations of legs and power systems, and balance, a set of two different and unrelated navigation and guidance systems to explore, and a set of additional sensors for user applications to use as desired, this is quite possibly the best research robot ever. While keeping the full payload and speed of the earlier MRV robots, we have kept the size to provide more flexibility in mixed environments, without sacrificing space for additional equipment.

The MRV8's robot arm is a practical device integrated to the whole robot design, and not simply an afterthought. This arm can lift a reasonable load in a manner that covers most of the ground area around the robot.

MRV8 Specifications:

Price			$119,950 USD FOB
Arm			5 degrees of freedom, load 2 kg, reach 2 meters
Height			1.5 m
Length			1.2 m
Width			1 m
Weight			50 kg
Payload			100 kg
Speed			15 kph
Guidance system		Lasernav8 with two guidance systems:
				Paranav: Passive or active targets
				Paramap: parametric mapping with no targets
Sensors		Stereo colour cameras with full motion, zoom and focus control
			Ultrasonic array x 24
			Infrared  x 3
			Home position detector and shaft encoders x 5
			Articulation proprioceptors x 12
			Foot pressure sensors x 4
			Center of mass detector
			Magnetic compass
			Battery level detect
			Motor temperature detect
Computer system	Dual Pentium computers, 120GHDD, 512MRAM, expansion ports, modem, LAWN, ROM drive, LCD video display, sound card, speech recognition card
Power	12 volts x 40 amp hours x 3 batteries in parallel. Current 5 amperes. Time before charges 8 hours
Gaits			Walk, trot, gallop, or user designed
Step length		maximum 0.5 m step length
Slope			30 degrees in any direction
Balancing		Automatic dynamic
Software		C++

Ordering information Each MRV8 is constructed on order and delivered with in 3 to 4 months. Payment on full in advance. GST applicable to Australian orders. All shipping, duties, customs and fees responsibility of purchaser unless arranged at time of order.

February 2003

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