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LaserNav®: Intelligent Absolute Positioning Sensor"

LaserNav is a precision optical positioning sensor that can be used on moving platforms such as automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS) and mobile robots to give exact position and orientation information supporting autonomous navigation, guidance and path following.

LaserNav uses an eye safe scanning laser with a 360 degree field of view to measure the azimuth angle to wall mounted reference targets, such as transponders or reflectors. The sensor has full 360 degree field of view except for two 4 degree blind spots for the support posts. By measuring the angular positions of at least three targets, the data can be used to triangulate the position and heading of the platform relative to the known target locations. More targets provide additional accuracy and safety redundancy. LaserNav is used as an alternative to buried wires, fluorescent paint strips or magnetic lines commonly used to control AGVs. Unlike these systems, LaserNav can determine its position in two dimensions over a wide area enabling precise, flexible navigation without modification to facilities. Path changes can be made by modifying software maps instead of the floor itself, and robotic systems can determine their own paths for object avoidance. LaserNav is unique in its ability to use active electronic targets as well as passive reflectors. Active targets are visible to the system at much greater distances than passive reflectors, reducing the total number of targets per installation. The laser beam is spread vertically, ensuring that the targets can be scanned even while moving over irregular floors. Targets may be coded or uncoded allowing additional versatility.

The output consists of all codes and angles of each target in each sweep in convenient serial ASCII-like text format.

Tax Free Price: $24,000 USD

Freight and insurance are extra. Limited parts and labor warranty applies.

Laser Diode Output		1mW @ 810 nm
Modulation			1.152 mHz
				100% amplitude
Divergence Horizontally		0.3 mRads
Divergence Vertically		4 degrees
Aperture			2 ins
Focal Length			32 nm
Optical Filter			Visible/UV
				695 nm cutoff
Active Target Range		600 ft max.
Passive Target Range		100 ft max.
Total number of coded Targets	52 per local map
				Unlimited global map
Data Rate			9,600 baud RS232
Scan Rate			600 RPM max.
Power				24 volts @ 300 mA
				(8 watts)
Dimensions (ins)		15x15x11
Weight				10 lbs
Absolute Accuracy		+/- 0.03 deg RMS

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LaserNav is currently in use in industrial, commercial and research applications such as robot floor scrubbing, autonomous AGVs, and research robotics. Denning Branch International Robotics has considerable experience developing and implementing complete autonomous navigation systems including software, hardware and mechanical navigation, guidance, mapping and route packages for this and other sensors. We can be engaged as outsource contractor or consultant for customer applications. LaserNav is an integral part of our RoboScrub industrial robotic floor cleaner, MRV5 high end mobile robotic research vehicle and UTV200 autonomous AGV.

Suggested Applications:
· Line following: by following the virtual line locus between two targets in manufacturing and materials handling.
· Mobile Robot Navigation and Guidance: position calculation by triangulation.
· Target Tracking: homing on a target as beacon following.
· Traffic Control: by tracking coded targets mounted on moving vehicles.
· Contour Mapping: fuselage contour tracking and mapping for spray painting.

February 2003

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