emotional intelligence

A course for teachers, parents and others

Dr Rex Stoessiger conducts the workshops on emotional intelligence. Practical ideas for understanding and dealing with our own emotions and those of others and helping children do the same are demonstrated in the workshop.

How can a marshmallow test with four-year-olds can predict how well they will do as high school students?

The test involves offering four-year-olds a marshmallow right now, or two marshmallows if they can wait until the investigator returns to the room in a few minutes time. It's a test of emotional intelligence. Students who can deal with their emotions and hold out to get two marshmallows turn out not only to be more emotionally capable but also to be more competent in life and at school.

These findings and other clues to our emotions and their consequences are summarised in a book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman (Bantam) which has been on best seller lists around the world. The book collects a mass of research which shows that students' emotional development is critical to their school results and success in life. For example, researchers have shown that students who are more emotionally capable at age four perform much much better in college entrance examinations at the end of high school. Being able to recognise and deal with emotions leads to greater success at school, in the workforce and in relationships.

Emotional intelligence is an extension of the concept of multiple intelligence. Intelligence is not just a simple characteristic but is composed of a number of very different components such as mathematical intelligence and musical intelligence.

Emotional intelligence includes:

  • Understand what you are feeling and why
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Developing motivation for effective action
  • The ability to recognise emotions in others and develop empathy
  • Handling relationships

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