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The photo above is Mother Brown name Plinparina. She is the mother of Mary Ann Leach who married Thomas Steadman Potter

The photo Thomas Steadman Potter and Mary Ann Potter bottom right corner

Has been a long time to find a photo of the Potter Family

Photo here is Mary Ann Potter nee Leach

Potter Family in the UK..Followed by the Woodbridge famliy , South Arm and others
Joseph Potter (b) UK
He married Ann Steadman 3rd June 1777. UK
their Children
1 Joseph (b) 1782
2 Ann (b) 1780
3 John (b) 1778 Derby UK
4 Thomas Steadman (b) 1788
Thomas married Elizabeth Dowson,Aug 1809 at Holy Trinity Kingston Hull England

....... Children to Thomas & Elizabeth (nee Dowson) (1) Thomas Steadman Potter (b)2nd Jan 1814 Uk...(Thomas here came to Tasmania on the ship BELINDA)
Thomas married Mary Ann Leach 10th Dec 1836 St Davids Hobart Tasmania

children to Thomas & Mary Ann
1 Thomas Steadman (b)6th Sept 1837 died 23rd Oct 1837 at Hobart..
2 John William (b)8th Oct 1839 (d) 1918 he married Elizabeth Ann Alomes 26th Sept 1861

........3 Mary Ann (b) 1841 (d) 1841
4 Elizabeth Ann (b) 2nd Nov 1842 she married Thomas Spencer 13th April 1876
5 Michael David (b)25th Dec 1844 He married Mary Sarah Edwards 14th Jan 1869 Pepermint Bay
6 unknown 1844,
7 Jane (b)13th Aug 1847 she married Charles Colman 30th Dec.1873
8 Letitia (b) 12th Feb 1851 she married William Samuel Knight 31st July 1871 at St Davids Hobart
9 William John (b) 12th Feb 1851 (d) 1851
10 Jane (b)1855 she married Walter George Mathews Sept 1877 New Norfolk Tas.
11 Lousia (b) 4th July 1858 she married William Lynch 26th Dec 1883 at Hobart
12 Rose (b) 7 Dec 1860 (d) 1862

See their families below

(2)John William Potter & Elizabeth Ann nee Alomes
.Children of John & Elizabeth
1 Thomas William Potter he married Sadie Lived ay Becheno Tasmania
2 Alice Elizabeth Potter
3 Edward William Potter 1871 married Mirium Madia Murphy 10 Sept 1895 Hobart Tas.
4 John Robert Potter 1872-1873
5 Walter Leslie Potter 1875-1958
6 John Edgar Potter 1876-1876
7 Charles Seadman Potter 1878-1936

Grave site Michael & Mary Potter Woodbridge
Grave site Louisa Francis Mary Potter Woodbridge born 1869 Accidently shot 1885.

(4)Elizabeth Ann Potter 1842 She married Thomas Spencer 13th April 1876
1 Charles Leslie Spencer 5th Aug 1880

(5).Michael David Potter 1844-- he married Mary Sarah Edwards 14th Jan 1869

Children of Michael & Mary
1 Louisa Francis Mary Potter 1869-1885 Gordon Tas
2 Arthur William Potter1871--1871
3 Mabel Elizabeth Potter 1874 she died Feb 1879 Woodbridge
4 Elsie Isabel Potter 1876-1876 she never married
5 Henry Edward Potter 1878 He died Oct 1907 Woodbridge
6 Thomas Wentworth Potter 1880 He Married (1)Mary Hannah Pybus April 1904 St Georges Battery Point.
Married(2) Ruby Myrtle Tollard 21st October 1908
7 Charles Benson Potter 1882 He married Louisia Lord He died 1954 at Woodbridge
8 Mary Sarah Potter 1886 she died 29th Oct 1886 Woodbridge
9 Mary Hannah Potter 1887 she died 5th Oct 1901 Woodbridge.
10 Doris May Potter1889 she married Eric McVilly Nov 1911 Woodbridge

(6) Unnamed Potter (28th Dec 1845)

Ruby Myra Tollard was born at Hobart in March 1885, the eldest daughter of Sarah and Arthur Emmanuel Augusta's Tollard who were then living at 'Lambton Farm'. In October 1908 at Hobart she married Thomas Wentworth Potter, third son of Mary Sarah (nee Edwards) and Michael David Potter of 'Forest Home', Woodbridge, Tasmania. This was Thomas Wentworth's second marriage, having previously been married at St Georges, Battery Point to Mary Hannah Pybus in April 1904. Michael David Potter born at Hobart in December 1844 was the son of Mary Ann (nee Leach) and Thomas Steadman or Stedman Potter who were married at St David's, Hobart in December 1836. Thomas Steadman Potter was born in England in 1813, the son of Elizabeth (nee Dowson) and Thomas Steadman Potter (Sen.) who were married at Holy Trinity Kingston Hull, England in August 1809. The family, including Thomas (then aged 10) arrived in Tasmania on the 'Belinda' on November 15, 1823. Mary Ann Leach was part Aboriginal, born at Hunter Island in 1815 and the adopted daughter of Mary and William Leach. William Leach was a convict who was transported to Botany Bay and later transferred to Van Diemen's Land and by 1819 had been granted land at Glenorchy. Mary Ann Leach's real parents were John Brown a sealer and an Aboriginal woman named Preenperrenner, also known as Nancy Brown, who had been abducted from the Pinterrairer/ Tanganturra Tribe at Cape Portland around 1810 and taken to Hunter Island in Bass Strait. Ruby Myra and Thomas Wentworth Potter had three children; Kathleen Doreen born at Hobart in February 1909, Phyllis born at Tasmania in 1912/13 and Arthur Wentworth born at Tasmania in 1914. Thomas Steadman Potter (Sen.) was born in England in 1788, the son of Ann (nee Steadman) and Joseph Potter who were married in England in June 1777. The above is based on research by Maurice Potter. There appears to be no connection of this Potter family line to the George Mitchell Potter who married Anna Maria Tollard (Ruby Myra's Aunt) in April 1877.


(7)Jane Adelaide Potter (b) 1847 she married Charles Colman 30th Dec 1873

Grave site Mabel Elizabeth Potter & Mary Potter Woodbridge Grave site Mary Anne Potter.Woodbridge
Grave site Charles & Louisa Potter.Woodbridge

(8).Letitia Potter (b) 1851--1940 she married William Samuel Knight 31st July 1871
Children of Letitia & William
1 Charlotte Jane Knight (b)11th Sept 1870
2 Clara Elizabeth Knight (b) 11th Dec 1871
3 William Davis Knight (b) 21st March 1873
4 Walter Thomas Knight (b) 1874
5 Mabel Annie Knight (b) 1880
6 Jessie Sophia Knight (b) 1882
7 Edith Mary Knight (b) 1883
8 Arthur John Charles Knight (b) 1885
9 Elsie Isabel Knight (b) 1886
10 Rose Adelaide Knight (b) 1889
11 Ernest Stanley Knight (b) 1890
12 Eva Myrtle Knight (b) 1892
13 Ruby Letitia Knight (b) 1894

(9)William John Potter (b) Feb 1851 no Issue

(10).Jane Potter (b) she married Walter Mathews Sept 1877 at New Norfolk
Children of Jane & Walter & Mathews
1 Walter Thomas James Mathews (b) Sep 1872 the Falls New Norfolk
2 Love Mary Rebecca Georgie Mathews (b) Oct 1876 the Falls New Norfolk
3 James George Mathews (b) 1879 (d) 16th Sept 1917 Zeehan Tasmania
4 Irene Jane Mathews (b) march 1882
5 Thomas Everard Mathews (b) 26th July 1884 (d) 1986
6 Mary Ann Mathews (b) Nov 1885 she (d) April 1960 she married Frank Graham 31st May 1906 Zeehan

(11)Louisa Potter (b) 1856 she married William Lynch Dec 1883
Children of Louisa & William
1 Rose Adelaide Lynch (b) Set 1884
2 Edith Lynch (b) Sept 1885
3 Nellie Lynch (b) Jan 1887
4 Lillith Lynch (b) July 1888
5 William Lynch (b) Dec 1889
6 Minnie Lynch (b) Sept 1891
7 Minnie Lynch (b) 1893
8 Violet Lynch (b) 1893
9 Leslie John (b) Dec 1894
10 Sydney James Lynch (b) Sept 1896
11 Morric Colman Lynch (b) 1902 he married Grace McKay

(12)Rose Potter (b) 1860 no Issue





I continue with the families of John William & Elizabeth Ann Potter (nee Alomes) at South Arm.John died 20th Jan,1918

John & Elizabeth Potter married 23rd Sept 1861. She died 1st Oct 1915 both buried St Barnabas Church yard South Arm

1 Thomas Potter (b) 2/1/1866 he married Sadie.. Thomas(d) Nov/1926
.. his children.
(1).Paul Potter Bicheno Tas...Neil...Betty.Battery Point.& Ruby

(2) Alice Elizabeth Potter(b) 20the Dec 1869 She (d) 5th Aug 1875 age six years

(3) Edward William (b) 16 Nov 1871 (d) 11th Aug 1960, He married Murium Madia Murphy
1 Alice Potter she married Mr.Martin
2 Gladis Potter no issue
3 William (Bill) married Kathleen Alomes.Oct 1925.. William (d) 18th March 1999.Kathleen (d)18/3/1999.Thier Children ...1 Lionel...2Maurice...3 Joyce all of South Arm

4 Gwen Potter she married Owen Kemp sorell
5 Ina Potter she married Les Williamson
6 Beryl Potter married (1) Tabart (2) Eric Little. no issue
7 Phillis Potter Never Married 8 Stanley Potter Never Married ,,Twins


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