A very warm welcome to all who have dropped by this web site there are many Probus Clubs throughout Australia. The Lauderdale Probus Club here is in the small sea side town of Lauderdale Tasmania which has been growing with several new homes popping up and also our club members participate from several suburbs in the Clarence municipality. Maybe you are looking around for the opportunity to join our Probus Club, if so please drop a line to the Addresss below, or if you're within the area during our meeting days the third Tuesday of each month at 10.00am at the Abundant Life Church Hall, 490 South Arm Road Lauderdale. Please call in, let us tell you more about the activities .

NEW MEMBERS if you wish to join the PROBUS CLUB of LAUDERDALE Please write to the Secretary Post Office Box 48 Lauderdale Tasmania 7019

Trips and dinning out is a good way to meet members and friends and guest speakers at general meetings third Tuesday monthly at the ABUNDANT LIFE CHURCH HALL main Road Lauderdale

On the meeting day each month the committee Meet at 9am folowed by the General Meeting at 10am. With time left for Morning tea or coffee before the Guest Speaker at 11am. Each second month after the Guest Speaker, the club has a barbecue for those who wish to stay for awhile.

Probus is a community service activity of Rotary clubs. Probus is an association for active members of the community, and for those no longer working full time, Probus offers many member benefits to keep you young, domestic travel, daytrip excursions, luncheons and opportunities to meet new friends.


The photos below are from the bus trip and outing to Swansea just a few months ago

The photos below are from the the luncheon held at the Tasmanian Golf Club between Spring Bay Probus Members and Lauderdale Probus Club.