Potter Family & Connections

By Maurice Potter South Arm Tasmania

Through the help of several people we have been able to establish the connection between the aboriginal people from Portland Victoria and the aboriginal girl Preenerrenner. The following will cover our family connection Please read below.


From records prepared by Jack Hutcheon 1995

(File KP/19/18) this record shows Pleenperrenner married John Brown from Tin Kettle island. They had several children three of which drowned on Hunter Island. Mary Ann was born 1815

The following is the connection of Mary and William Leach

William Leach was convicted and tried at Middlesex 1st July 1801 for stealing, one quart pewter pot, value 6pd, two pint pots value 6pd.He was sentenced to transport for seven years.He sailed on the "ALBERMALE" to Botany Bay.

The following comes from a book by Marjorie Tipping "Convicts Unbound"

Leach attended the Hobart musters in 1811,1818,1819 and 1823.He was granted 40 acres at Glenorchy by from Gov. Macquarie. He grew a variety of crops and had 257 sheep by 1819. He received 200 lashes for being involved a disturbance with the Military patrol in 1807.

It appears that Mary Brown was living with William Leach and may have been adopted as he is listed as her father when she married Charles Stedman Potter 1832 referance mref 36/1836/3213.

south arm

Thomas Stedman Potter

(b) 2/1/1814 (d) 5/1/1910
married .. Mary Ann (nee) Leach 17th 12/ 1836
From the records of marriage certificate (Hobart3213/1836) Thomas Stedman Potter, Captain Whaler. Born 1st March 1808 Russel street Surry England. Married at St,Davids Cathedral Hbt.19th December 1936.He arrived on the Brig "Berlinda" 12th November 1823 (age approximate 5-16 yrs. Father Thomas Stedman Potter & Mother Elizabeth.Grocer Surrey England.
Mary Ann Leach born 1815-18 ??. her mother Mary Ann Burn (nee Brown)Adopted Parents) Spinster Hunter Island Bass Strait. She died at residents of William Lynch Birches Bay Tas.
Lousia She married William Lynch at All Saints C/E 26th December 1883,She Died at Berches Bay 13th October 1940'
Children.....1 Thomas Stedman (b) 16/9/1837..2 John William (b) 8/10/1839..3 Elizabeth Ann (b) 2/11/1842....
4 David (b) 25/12/1844..5 Adelaide Jane (b) 13/8/1847..6 Mary Ann (b) 25/8/1847 ..7 & 8 Twins.Letitia & William John (b) 12/2/1851..9 Louisa (b) 4.7.1858..10 Rose (b) 7/12/1860..11 unnamed (b)25/12/1845

From above John William married Elizabeth (nee Allomes)23/9/1861
Children;..1 Thomas William (b) 2/1/1866..2 Alice Elizabeth (b) 20/12/1869..3 Edward William(b) 16/10/1861..4 John Robert (b) 24/11/1872..5 Walter Leslie (b) 8/7/1875..6 John Edgar (b)3/7/1876..7 Charles Stedman (b)9/11/1878.

From above (5) David Pottermarried Sarah Edwards (Woodbridge Tasmania)
Children...1 Louise (b) 6/11/1869..2 Arthur William (b) 27/6/1869..3 Mabel Elizabeth (b) 10/11/1874..4 Elsie Isobel (b) 12/4/1876..5 Henry Edward (b) 22.2.1878..6 Thomas Wentworth (b) 19/1/1880..7 Charles Benson (b) 18/8/1882..8Mary Sarah (b) 4/2/1886..9 Mary Hannah (b) 2/7/1887..10 Doris May (b) 31/8/1889.

From above (4) Louisa.she married William Lynch
Children...1 Rose Adelaide (b) 21.9.1884..2 Edith (b)17/9/1885..3 Nellie (b) 8/1/1887..4Lillith (b) 6/7/1888..5 Minnie (b)27/9/1891..6 & 7 Twins Violet & Minnie (b) 25/1/1893..8 Leslie John (b) 3/12/1894..9 Sydney James (b)13/9/1896..10 Henry Mervin (b) 15/9/1899..11 Morris Colman (b) 7/10/1902.
From Above Edward William Potter Married Miriam Madia (nee) Murphy
Children...1 Gladis Irene (b) 1896..2 William Edward (b)8/1/1898(my father)..3 Olive Kathleen(b) 4/4/1900..4 Ruby Mirium (b) 22/3/1903..5 Ina Dorthy (b) 8/4/1904..6 Gwendoline (b) 1906..7 Beryl May (b)16/7/1908..8 & 9( twins) Vera Phillis & Stanley..twins (b) 5/2/1914.


Thomas Steadman Potter born in England to Thomas and Elizabeth Potter a grocer living in the parish of ROTHERHITHE ST. MARYS LONDON...THOMAS arrived in VAN DIEMANS LAND on the BRIG "BERLINDA" at the age of 22 years he married MARY ANN LEACH an Aboriginal spinster from Flinders Island...Marys mother was a full blood aboriginal ne BROWN who was married to WILLIAM LEACH.

CHILDREN Thomas Steadman (b) 6 Sept 1837...John William (b) 8th Oct 1839 (m) Elizabeth Alomes...Mary Ann 25th Aug 1841...Elizabeth Ann 2nd Nov 1842 (m) Thomas Spencer...Michael David 25th Dec 1844 (m) Sarah Edwards...Unnamed 28 dec 1845....Jane Adelaide 13th August 1847 (m) Charles Colman...Letitia 12 feb 1851 (m) William Knight...William John 12th Feb 1851...Louisa 4th july 1858 (m) William Lynch...Rose 7th Dec 1860..

JOHN WILLIAM from Above.

The John William Potter he took up resident at his home at the foot of Goat Hill, South Arm Neck around 1866. This was about the time when several others had leased land from George Henry Blake Gellibrand such as Christopher Calvert 1851, George and John Allomes in 1861, and the Musk family. John Potter married Elizabeth on the 23rd of September 1861,the youngest daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Allomes (nee) Bellette.they raised a family of seven children, one child John Robert died as a child age five months in 1875. The eldest son Thomas William married Rachel (nee) Leach, and Walter Leslie never married. Charles Stedman married Beatrice Ainsworth they had one son James he married Marjorie Lewis

From aboveThomas William Potter (b) 2.1.1866 married Rachel Leach 20th Feb 1895
...Children;....1 Paul ...2Neil..3.Betty..4.Rubby ..

Paul married Sadie they lived at Bicheno.
Children:..1 Una...2 Basset...3 Ina Una lived at Devonport..Basset lives in Melbourne and Ina lived in Hobart

Elizabeth Anne Potter (b)2 Nov 1842 married Thomas Spencer 13th April 1876
Children;..1 Charles Leslie (b) 5th Aug 1880

EDWARD WILLIAM POTTER (m) Miriam Maiden Murphy 10/9/1895

THEIR CHILDREN..Gladis Irene (b) 1896..William (b) 1898...Alice (b) 1900...Ruby Miriam (b) 1903..Ian Dorothy (b) 1904 Gwendoline (b) 1906 Beryl May(b) 1908 Stanley, ..and Phillis.(b) 1914

Edward and Miriam they raised seven girls and two boys.The second child William Edward married Kathleen (nee)alomes on 28th Oct. 1925..Ina Dorothy married Les Williamson, Gwendolyn married Owen Kemp and Beryl May married 1 Tabart..2 Eric Little, Ruby married Sid Cooper..The twins Phillis and Stanley never married. Edward carried on farming at the south Arm neck along with his brother Charles, They were known to swim cattle over to Betsey Island to graze...Fishing also was away another way of supporting his large family..

Click photo to enlarge...This photo was taken at Roaring beach 1926. Roy Bowden was a friend who lived at Sandford and visited the family often. Kath in the photo is my mother, Olive,,Alice and my father William are not in the photo.

On the right above... William (Bill)Potter and his sister Alice Mrs. Martin She lived at Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula Photo was taken when visiting family at South Arm. Their sisters Ina, married Les Williamson. Beryl married 1 Tabart 2 Eric Little. Gwen married Own Kemp. Ruby married Sid Cooper. .

On the left.. This is Edward and his wife Mirium with the sheep dog at thier home South Arm in 1930.They grew carrots potatoes etc for the Hobart market All had to be transported by river craft in those days. Edward had a small boat called the Carleta...His father John had a boat called the Hero..Gellibrand family had the Terra Linna and the Calvert Family had the Seacroft and Sea Bird.


Potter& Allomes Connections my mothers side of the family

Elizabeth and Robert Allomes
farmed at Sorell and they also had a large family. Six boys and four girls.Robert Charles married Jane Wood, Emmaline married John Morrisby, Elizabeth married John Webb, George Thomas Allomes (my Great great grandfather) married (1) Janet MacKay (2) Agnes Musk, Edward married Elizabeth Jones, Jacob married Isabel Quested, Amellia John Watson and John James married Rosina Davidson.

George & Agnus AllomesLived on the farm "Rosemount" South Arm.
Children... 1 Edward Henry (b) 11/12/1868..2 Ethol Caharlottie (b) 18/3/1871..3 Leslie Derwent (b) 10/2/1879.

Edward Henry Allomes married Emma (nee) Hyland She was (b) 22/4/1872.
Children... 1 Kathleen Hyland (b) ... 2 Muriel Gwendoline (b) ... 3 Edna

Kathleen Allomes married William Potter (Bill) 28th Oct. 1925
Children...1 Lionel Dennis (b) 7/1/1926..2 Maurice John (b) 7.4.1932..3 Thelma Joyce (b) 22/9/1937 ....click to enlarge

George & Agnus Allomes///Potter Family///Bill & Kath/// Joyce,Emma, Kath///Paul & Bill

David Samuel Potter and Mary became pioneers of Woodbridge farming and fruit growing. They lived at what is known as "Forest Home". Between 1869-1889 they raised a family of four boys and five girls. The sons and daughters married into other families of the woodbridge area which have been well remembered in activities and sport with in the area over those years.

William Knight and his family. Three off the chidren were born in Tasmania and the others in Victoria following a move to Williamstown.

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