Adventure Bay could be called the birth place of Van Diemen's Land - Tasmania. The bay was first sighted by Abel Tasman in 1642 when exploring for the great south land south of the then known world because of gale force winds, he was unable to make a landing. Captain James Cook in H. M. S. "Resolution" & Captain Tobias Furneaux in H. M. S. "Adventure" left England in 1772 also to explore the South Seas, becoming separated Furneaux followed Tasman's chart and in 1773 found the bay naming it Adventure Bay - replenished his water and wood supplies and sailed on to New Zealand. Captain Cook landed at Adventure Bay in 1777 from H. M. S. "Resolution" with William Bligh as sailing master. Captain Bligh revisited Adventure Bay in 1788 with botanist Nelson planted a number of fruit trees on the east side of the bay which he brought from the Cape of Good Hope. When he returned in 1792 he found that one apple tree was still growing. The others having been consumed by fire. It is said this was the first Granny Smith apple tree. Tasmania was later to become known throughout the world as the Apple Isle of Australia.

Truganini was the last of the full blooded Tasmanian aboriginals to survive. She belonged to a Bruny Island Tribe.

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