Official rules for playing for 'The Chook'

Chook Rules

  •          At the start of play the chook remains in the bag.
  •          The first player to three putt wins the chook and must proudly display it on their bag. At this stage the owner of the chook does not owe anyone a beer.
  •          If another player three putts then the holder of the chook then passes this to that player. This player who three putted now owes the person who passed him the chook a beer. This process continues until the last hole is played.
  • In a stableford or par competition, if a player picks up after two missed putts he or she also picks up the chook.
  • At the end of the round the player with the chook must buy the last player who gave it to them a beer.

Special Rules

  •          If a player who has been passed a chook by another player manages to one putt a green he the passes the chook back to the person who gave it to him.
  •          If a player three putts while holding the chook, then that player loses the ability to pass the chook back under the one putt rule.
  •          A player who has lost the one putt rule can pass the chook back if they chip in.
  •          Once a player is on the green and plays a putt, then all further shots for that hole are considered putts even if the first putt passes off the green.
  • If a player who has lost the chook to another continues to keep the chook on his bag for another hole then he has performed an illegal carry. As a result that player is deemed to have the chook.


"Sledging and Flapping of arms" is a requirement when somebody is a on a green and a long way from the pin.