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For the second time in 2 years an Australia-wide shortage of intravenous multivitamins (MVI-12 and MVI-Paediatric) has developed. The Australian supplier, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer has notified us that no further new supplies of MVI-12 and MVI-Paediatric will be available for a prolonged period. Current stocks of MVI-Paediatric will be sold up until the expiry date of 1/4/99. As MVI-12 and MVI-Paediatric are the only intravenous multivitamin preparations currently registered in Australia, this presents a serious problem, particularly for patients requiring long-term parenteral nutrition therapy. Alternative supplies of intravenous multivitamins are being actively investigated. Therapeutic Goods Administration approval for alternative intravenous vitamin preparations is currently being sought as a matter of urgency. AuSPEN will be working on your behalf to assist in the facilitation of this process. Until this multivitamin shortage is resolved we would like to propose the following strategies which may minimize the impact of this problem for your patients.

Strategies to reduce the impact of the intravenous multivitamin shortage

Alternative intravenous parenteral vitamin preparations

Alternative intravenous multivitamin preparations available through the above mechanisms:

The above recommendations are intended as a guide only and further information regarding these products may be obtained by contacting the supplier Baxter Healthcare.

AuSPEN is working hard to minimize the impact of these shortages of intravenous multivitamin on your patients. Updates on the progress of this shortage can be obtained through the AuSPEN website ( and the AuSPEN Newsletter.

Document date : MARCH 1999

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