The pen is mightier then the sword.
Combining with the sword, the pen has progressed to news-media
as a dispenser of poison that corrupts the mind and the Soul.
Honesty identifies the warmonger and the war leader.
Modesty identifies a sex object. Why does a sex object identify it self.
Society and public welfare is in danger when
a female covers her hair in public out of modesty.
Reject your reliance and your whole belief in Islam and you will no longer be considered a danger to the interest of my country, the country that I love so much and will do anything for.
No, I was not tortured, none of my blood was spilled, there are no marks showing on my skin. After X years of being a kidnapped guest of yours under constant concentration and without contact with family, kin or trusted parties, I have finally been made to recognize the errors of my Soul and my inferior culture. Your generosity in not charging any fares for returning me home is appreciated.
If only half of all the money spent on destruction and subjugation can been given as untainted aid, there could be a most dangerous outbreak of peace in the world.

Now that it is done tell me again, why did the Christian armies invade and destroy the Muslim lands of Afghanistan and Iraq. Was it because they where bad Muslims or communist refusing to do our bidding, or were they ready to land on our shores and destroy our way of life. Was it because they regard our country's natural resources as ammunition that they must control, or were ( are ) the armies merely short-lived actors on the stage following Allah's script.
Tell me again, what was the just reason used to made war.

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