When religion is


Some persons may describe it as being the normal growth of a living language that makes some terms obsolete.

The concept of the word ' religion ' in the western language has now been altered to such an extent that the original meaning can no longer be identified to its time-tested definition. That being the case it is quite misleading to retain the same use of the word when the exact meaning no longer applies to it and unless specifically elaborated upon by the user, it only causes presumptions and confusion.
___ The meaning that was once identified with religion has now been transferred to ' restoration ', a multi facet word that encompasses all the activities and goals pertaining to the old times definition of ' religion '.
Religion ' used to be ' the living of a particular way of life that was derived from above man and applicable to all men which, when followed would lead man to the source from which the way of life and life itself was derived.
Religion ' is now ', the focus around which the daily life revolves, guided by a man made something, often for the disadvantage of other men. A modifiable and exploitable something, open to interpretation by someone's intelligence, cunning and pragmatic convenience in transient circumstances.
___ In this enlightened times, a person can have and live parallel and contradictory religions, like the religion of sport, of politics or of a particular political systems, of finance and money, of culture, of racial superiority, of the fabricated superior religion presuming that it is ' the restoration ' of old.
There are also other unmentioned man made all consuming religious activities that make some feel satisfied but, are quite transient and lead nowhere safe.

in Quran,     ' Al-deen '    has a very specific meaning but is almost invariably translated into English as the religion instead of The Restoration. Restoration is the way, the means and the final goal and even the day of sorting out, is the intermediate step to the Restoration.

The restoration can be a blueprint for doing a something, it can also be a commitment to restore something to a previous state and it can also be the continual striving to restore oneself to a previous status. The restoration, is also the accomplishment of the final outcome.
___ The restoration is the determined striving of man to return, to be restored with the Creator as it was. The restoration is the chosen way of life that is without unpleasant surprises or final regrets leading to the ultimate goal.
In the restoration :
Throughout time, the restoration has been pursued by the people of all races in their own different ways, with the most recent recorded, the tradition of Abraham in the three branches of descendants that is now Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
___ The tradition of subservience by Abraham is very simple, with very clear guidelines on how to pursue the restoration without alterations or modifications.
___ The one in subservience to the Creator has always been called ' Muslim ', and he or she is said to hold a fundamental belief in the commitment to subservience. This persons are the orthodox often referred to as being fundamentalist in their belief, they are the difficult to deal with people who refuse to compromise and destroy their struggle and commitment, just to please those who are not aware of or deny the restoration.
The most recent Muslims follow the restoration as stated in the writing that is Quran, the very same program and database that is engraved within every Soul.
___ The restoration for Muslims is in Quran, their restoration is Quran and the restoration is to whence they came.
The restoration to their Creator is continuous and not on a weekly, daily or part time basis.

The Religion used to carry the meaning of living the restoration as a lasting society, with free will and without fear of being violated for pursuing subservience to the Creator.
Secular life, on the othe hand is the way of life that rejects and even coerces people from the life style that leads to the restoration of man. The life style of Secularity is made by the ego of man for the particular time, to be replaced at any time. It is unstable, inefficient and leads nowhere lasting.

Summing up

There is no separation between the religion and the state because absolutely nothing belongs to CAESAR. ( the saying: give to god what belongs to god and to Caesar what belongs to Caesar )
By Allah's sanction man follows different and diverging ways that in the present as in the past have resulted in difficult relationships between people.

Religious accommodation by committee :
In connection with the return to the Creator, a group of people without a fundamental belief in the restoration, relaying on personal inclinations and wishful thinking, make defacto rulings to compromise or even to destroy the fundamental beliefs of other people.
Religious dialogue :
People who make believe or who hold a fundamental belief in the restoration, communicate their beliefs with persons who, do not share their personal restoration. People communicate their ideas and understandings without the zealousness or intention of a missionary.
Religious :
With or without a blueprint, pursuing an idea with a real or with an imaginary belief that cultivates the mind and the actions, towards a specific end that can be fixed or loosely defined.
_ It can be a real belief without necessarily being the restoration, when, it is an ego delusion or a perpetrated deception. A mirage is a restoration that leads nowhere safe.
_ A belief that continuously focuses on worldly activities and consumes most if not all the time in the day, is only a transient kind of restoration that leads nowhere safe.
Religious variance :
The various beliefs in restoration, some of which may be competitive towards the others.
Religious intolerance :
In a delusion of ego self-righteousness, using the means available one actively pursues the destruction and replacement of the variance on the basis that, mine is the only true restoration. It leads nowhere safe.
Religious conversion :
Selfishly or not, whether realised or not, mind control techniques are used to alter the thinking process of another person so that the thinking, will conform to the desired intention of the one exerting the mind control.
_ The ego of an individual has a logical, or an induced affinity with a particular restoration.
_ An individual capable of seeing flaws in the various restorations and for nobody's gain but his/her own, chooses to displace the controlling ego, and becomes subservient only to the Creator and no one else. It is the restoration that is without unpleasant surprises, or final regrets that leads to the ultimate goal, the return home having successful completed the tasks that the individual consciousness was created for.
The restoration
A Jihad worth pursuing, '' OOPS ''
A personal struggle worth pursuing, '' OOPS ''
To live a righteous life, a personal worthwhile striving to be engaged in, with the dread of failure, the failure to accomplish that which leads a Soul to the Hellfire.

Quran Reff.
On that Day, the weighing is true. He whose scales are heavy - those are the prosperers,
7/9_ Those whose scale will be light, will be their souls in perdition, for that they wrongfully treated Our signs.

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