The Qibla heading for your location

Use a computer program to calculate the time for MIDDAY and the Qibla heading. The calculated Qibla degree heading is always relative to the TRUE NORTH and for most localities in the world it is not in the same direction as the compass heading which is relative to the MAGNETIC NORTH.
In other words, there is a varying difference between a true north heading and a compass magnetic north. To find the direction of the Qibla from your locality without a compass use the computer program and calculate the time for MIDDAY and the Qibla direction which will be a True North heading.
Print this page and put a mark on the dial at the calculated Qibla degrees. At the calculated time of midday, the noon, the sun Zenith, at the sun high point in the sky, place the NORTH SOUTH dial in line with the shadow of a VERTICAL object. ( a window frame maybe )
The local Qibla heading will be where the mark was placed on the dial. Use a compass to take a reading for THIS HEADING and you will have the Qibla compass heading for your locality.
The difference between the true north Zero degree and the compass north Zero degree is the local magnetic deviation.
To make the print out easier to handle, glue it or pin it onto some cardboard.

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