Something which is lawful and permitted in Islam is called Halal. This also applies to food stuff where some can be proper and some can be undesirable to eat. The difference being mainly in the animal derivatives used in the ingredients which is determined by the kind of animal and the way it was killed and by the part of the animal which is being used within the food.
Hobart Tasmania:
Unfrozen, FRESH supplies of HALAL meat can be purchased in Bulk from NEBULO. Mainly chicken, you MUST REQUEST for the Halal products. They will be ordered from the Mainland and can be picked up 2 days later.
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NEBULO PTY LTD Tasmanian Independent Wholesalers
Macquaire Warf    Number 2 ( next to the Harbour Master tower)
Hobart Ph. 03 6234 8118
E-mail to       nebulo@bigpond.net.au

For information on permitted foods, see :

HALAL help line    from    www.halalhelpline.org

A listing of Halal foods kindly provided by Halal Help line.
dated 23 - 10 - 2006

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