Things that are Difficult to classify

1- In my century, the behaviour from powerful so called enlightened people towards the defenseless. The stated thinking that reflects what some men have become: -- There is no need for evidence, we know they are guilty don't we. 2- In my century, the behaviour from powerful so called enlightened people towards the defenseless. The thinking that reflects what some men have become: The real or manufactured focus for the actions has died and the matter should have ended. The man was Killed or Murdered but to acnowledge it would deprive the reason and loose the focus for keeping on doing what was desired, to gain power and resources.

3- In my century, the behaviour from powerful so called enlightened people towards the defenseless. The stated thinking that reflects what some men have become: -- An evil state, because it has a regime that tolerates starvation rather than surrender to us.

4- In my century, the behaviour from powerful so called enlightened people in position of integrity denying responsibility. The stated thinking that reflects what some men have become: -- No !. I did not ask nor order him to do it. He knows my wishes and he has carried them out on his own.

5- In my century, the behaviour from powerful so called enlightened people to-powerful and arrogant to see any clues in it : -- The power-man was eating something and it nearly made him gag to death. From the actions that followed on in time, nothing was learned from the near death.

6- In my century, because of the behaviour from powerful so called enlightened people towards to defenseless, a sign seen, the sign spoken of: -- In a plain in Mesopotamia, the four horsemen have been found. They where asleep but when briefly exposed to the sunlight they begin to stir and then it is realized that two present time entities have been and are causing mischief in the land.
There is the standing outline of someone who is hidden behind the veil. Of the hidden one it is only known that there is a hidden one who is to come forth after the four horse men have carried out their task.

7- In my century, an unpleasant awareness of tomorrow' man. -- There are no human beings to be seen anywhere but there are many humanoid robots, not very tall but agile with relatively large heads one is reminded of a tall skinny child. Gazing in to the very large eye sensing elements one realizes or senses their sadness, quite unusual to sense it in a machine.
It was quite surprising to see robots hold onto each other and function as a single integral unit, when necessary.

8- He was sitting in the chair of authority and for a perceived justified reason commanded to the subordinates, '' send for the *** ''. It is only a dream but it is very scary if he should come and be commanded to do any small part of his expertise. I hope he does not come but i think he might.

9- In my century, an unpleasant awareness of tomorrow. -- A mist is upon the earth. Over time, people have built beautiful white dwellings but unfortunately the atomic structure of the materials used, is now very unstable. Human life on earth does not seem very plentiful, very mush reduced from the present.

10- In my century, an unpleasant awareness of tomorrow's man. -- In an other earth without sunlight, everything is still visible, in a large room with simple tables and like seat benches some one is proving hot drinks in small cups. Three other people are with me, each one is holding onto a sacred book of a different color, with gold writing on the cover.
At a time which must surely be past the person's life time, he is aware that down below on earth, all the evil people are now being killed. It is quite surprising when a couple of naked person from the earth below slowly head first rise trough the floor. On their faces a look of astonishment, shock and disbelief at the unexpected ordeal that was taking place on earth. They were from evil and had somehow managed to escape. They scurry to join one of their kind already here seating dejected by him self having a drink.
I assume a geometric posture. Quickly everything is black and feel to be elsewhere. The recitation of a mantra by many persons is heard, the source of its location is engulfed in a golden glow. The mantra is known to me from the days before Islam and from the use by the ... monks.
As i have no knowledge of the mantra being part of Islam, there is no desire to remain there. I wake up.

11- In my century. -- In his days of darkness just prior to man's attempt to be in outer space. From inside a structure in outer space, in a window about three meters by two meter he sees India and the whole earth below. He is not allowed to stay here and must leave the place. Wearing a garment that covers him and reaches the ground, he does not walk but instead moves away using geometric distribution. Quite surprised, he had never met them but he had recognized Jesus and Muhammad and had become aware of the greater love and compassion from ** towards mankind.

12- In my century. -- Very slender, standing at about 170 to 180 cm tall with straight hair reaching to the shoulders, Caucasian complexion with small pointed chin that gave the face a cat like impression. The really striking thing was the bright yellow hair, the communication taking place from mind to mind and the large eyes. She was female with most severely slanted, almond shaped big black eyes. Without eyelids the eyes were something unseen before, whole black like the black night they seemed to absorb all light. She was standing above someone busy in a work pit connecting a cable onto the main cable running underground in the street. The cable was coming from a pear shaped device in the building whose function was to collect the thought and memories radiated from the one who placed his/her head inside the device, much like a hairdresser's hood. Should have inquired how black cables with a denser black central core carrying human thoughts are joined onto the main cable.
Note : Seven years later in a particular place. Good imagination or not I was quite surprised when the physical connection was activated by touching it with a surprising inner response. A further two years later the activated connection was realized to have been the same pear shape device but seen from one angle.

13- A story related from a reliable source. Good imagination or not, the lady had a dream that she and her husband where next day going to die in the car driven by her husband. In the morning she asked the husband to drive her to visit a close friend and before leaving she confided to her that she came specifically to say goodbye as she and her husband would die in a car accident. On the way home they both died in a car accident.

14- In my century, an awareness of the first of the two trees. -- In the days of darkness, during the day he saw the colourful tree that caused the first man Adam and his companion much apprehension. At the time he did not recognize the tree as that particular tree. Much later in the days of enlightenment he was able to realize that it was that tree.

15- In my century, an awareness of the second tree. -- In the days of enlightenment, a leafless fruit bearing tree was seen. Its colour was that of grey ashes with a bark the texture of weather worn canyons. At the ends of all the branches pointed like thorns, in between two miniature flaps there was a large black shining fruit.
An unknown tree with a dreaded fruit should it be the Zaquum tree.

16- People are working the land, in a fertile field in Mesopotamia close to .**. where the archaeological dig is taking place in the primitive square pit of black stoned walls. The dig had the expectation of finding traces of some ancient persons and for some unknown reason it was thought that this square pit might be their actual burial place. The earth was very carefully removed close to the walls to reveal a clear glass like lid, on a very large rectangular box. Inside the box was a tall person lying on his back. When the soil was cleared from the glass and the person became exposed to the daylight, he began to stir as if awakened, much like the light from the dawn awakes cattle and birds from their sleep.
The person was tall, heavy set with a long beard, light coloured hair to the shoulders, Caucasian between forty to fifty years old. He was one of those whose remains or traces of, were being searched for but, he was very much alive after many centuries. There was the awareness that he was one known as the Magician and had been nourished over the centuries by the mere actions of people doing magic and sorcery. At about the same time, a few millimeters below the level of the first box, other people discovered close to each wall, three other boxes like the first one. There was alarm that the person in the box was moving and it turned to consternation as the three other ancients confined inside the boxes began to stir from their sleep likeness. There was no inclination at this time to observe any personal details as there was a realization that the new entities had been nourished by the actions that causes misery to mankind. Two countries and their activities came to mind who at the moment are engaged in mischief making in the region. It seemed quite appropriate to think the four entities in the boxes as the four horsemen.
Next, a grey veil was seen. Behind it was the solid outline of a person, the some one who was going to come after the awakened four had carried out some unknown actions that were supposed to be carried out.
All the people in the areas, the one's who saw the men in the boxes and those working the fields suddenly became afraid and panic stricken, running in a confused whichever way. Quite strange how everyone sensed and felt that the four were the catalyst responsible for something very sad that was going to take place. No one wanted to stay around and wait, every body wanted to be elsewhere even though there seemed to be no obvious imminent danger. I also wanted to be elsewhere and drove away in a black car at high speed with my wife. I asked my companion if she wanted to go to Mecca which was in another country. She had visited Mecca a few times but had no affinity with the place whereas I was longing to return to Mecca, to go home and be there when whatever happens is going to take place.
The alarm clock woke me up; it was the time for the middle Salat.
My wife has never been to Mecca.

17- To give hope, an awareness of warning in the tomorrow, for me and for you. -- He awoke one morning and saw the writing on the wall. He closed and opened his eyes again and again but the writing remained on the wall. He started reading and when the last character was read and understood, it faded away. It was read in English but the words were longer than they should have been in English. He thought there were two meanings to the words, does it mean this or does it mean that, and who was the writing for. After some days it finally downed on him with a bit of a shock that the writing on the wall was meant for no one but him, it was a statement and a warning.
The clear words had said : ''Fear Allah ''.

18- .... the voice was very clear. Loud but not loud. Not male nor female. Not singing nor saying. The tone was not high nor low, very clear and almost monotonous . The voice made one look up but it was not from there nor from there. It was a concise statement repeated twice.
Allahu Ackbar Allahu Ackbar La ilahah il Allah La ilahah il Allah .
It must be Salat time but where is the Masjid ......

19- A one with good imagination had this to say.
I was called the unti-Christ and such is not correct.

If there is such a person, it will be one claiming to be a Christian and be seen as a Christian actively pursuing the principles and spirit of Christianity.
In fact, the unti-Christ rejects and will try to destroy what Jesus and His followers where directed to pursue; the interest and welfare of their souls.
Like all the Prophests, Jesus was Muslim in subserviance of the Creator.

Amongst other things, the unti-Christ will claim that peace is war and war is peace.

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