One night in Ramadan

A brother relates his experience in sighting the crescent during one Ramadan.

It was an event that had not been seen before and I could not help but to be impressed by the most unusual sight. The next day when talking to a brother he confirmed the sighting and he was also able to add more information from his own prospective. A note was made of the sighting and no more thought was given to it until 4 years later when I came across it again.

Australia, Tasmania, 4 years after Allah allowed me to be Muslim.
It was the 5 th day of Ramadan 1419 and the 6 th day of the moon phase. In the C.E. calendar it was late Friday night 1998 December 25, a rainy day and as it turned out also a rainy night.

I was driving home very late from the Mosque after Isha. I must have been driving with my eyes closed because only when driving up a small hill did I become aware of the Crescent standing out like a beacon of light on a dark night. I had not noticed the crescent or the clear sky extending to the surrounding hilly horizons. In what appeared to be the first quarter of the moon, the crescent was about 45 degrees high in the sky and close to its bottom point was a very bright star that I assumed to be the planet Venus. Even though the sky was completely clear there where no stars to be seen anywhere to interrupt the majestic sight.
Extending all over the horizon in a semicircle there was a beautiful exhibition of lightning much like a fireworks display but there was no sounds to be heard at all. A sense of peace and tranquillity was all pervading, soothing and comfortable.
The crescent and the lightning was being seen from what seemed to be the inside of the eye of a storm.

The following day the brother mentioned above said on the phone that the night before there had been heavy rain and lightning with thunder. He said that while he was walking home in the rain, for some reason he noticed above him a round opening in the clouds and saw the crescent in a clear sky with the star at the point that he thought was Venus. He also felt it was an impressive sight and made his own conclusions about the matter.
It had been a very beautiful night.
In pursuing the confirmation of the star on the point of the crescent it has been found that Jupiter was the bright star with the Crescent that I identify with the symbol of Islam.

The crescent with a bright Jupiter may be a recurring astronomical event but in conjunction with the rest of it, it is one more reminder of Allah and his many signs.

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