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Relax and enjoy an hour or two of healthy activity by using the Inter-City Cycleway or Eastern Shore Bike Tracks starting at Derwent Bike Hire at the Cenotaph / Regatta Grounds.


The Intercity Cycleway serves as a recreational facility and commuter link.  It is also to use by walkers, roller bladers and runners.  The track from the city to the Northern suburbs is comprised mainly of straight sections with gentle grades.  It is 3 metres wide, sealed with separation from other traffic. 


To access the Eastern Shore Bike tracks ride north on the Cycleway to the Tasman Bridge and then cross the bridge on the downstream (far) side footpath.  On reaching the other side, cyclists can ride north on an open bike track towards Lindisfarne or head south under the bridge through a winding bushland track to Bellerive and further on along an open bike track running parallel to Bellerive and Howrah beaches.  Risdon Brook Dam and Richmond (Grass Tree Hill back road route) can be accessed by road beyond Lindisfarne or via the Intercity Cycleway and Bowen Bridge.


Places of Interest Across the Route
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Other Places to Visit from the Regatta Ground

Other Rides from the Regatta Ground

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