"Your Poppa"

"A Gentle Man"

For my Grand Daughters
& their children!

Dear girls ... on this page I have placed two photos
of your Poppa ... taken during 2001.

In both of them you see him as you so often did!

Above at Kelso - as usual - wandering around and
chatting with all and sundry :-)

So many happy times we had at Kelso - so I chose
this one to be "Featured" just for you!

The photo below was taken at home!

These two photos are not anywhere else in my
Tangled Tales, I kept them especially for
this page - for you!


Here I caught him un-awares, as you will remember,
the best photos we ever took of him were those
snapped when he wasn't looking!

The photo loop below will be Poppa through the
years; photos are from his own albums.

Remember how you would sit and look at those
albums with him as you were growing up?

You never grew tired of listening to him tell the
same tales, in fact very often you would beg
to be told more!

He had all the patience in the world for his
granddaughters ...

He loved you all so much!


I hope you enjoy the "mini" tales about your Poppa,
along with the photos of him - from a young
baby - to the Poppa you knew and loved.

May your memories flow and never die, and that
you may be able to show your children ...

"Who & What He Was"

To You!

  The photo loop begins and ends here, travel along
the trail and enjoy these photos once again!







Midi Playing - Gentle ....

Laurie ... September 2003