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Poppa @ Work!

The machine he worked on made chain wire fencing;
this machine was the only one in Tasmania.

Cyclone brought a crew over from Victoria to set up and
run the Cyclone Company Factory in Tasmania.

It was a big decision to make - to move our young family
so far away from family and friends, but never for
a moment did we ever regret it!

It was such a clean fresh environment to raise our family!


The factory was so very noisy.

Working at this occupation for long hours resulted
in Industrial Deafness for him as he got older.

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Retirement Farewell!

At the end of his working life!

Chatting intently with the Boss!

Cyclone provided a luncheon for the workers at the
local hotel ... presenting Poppa with a gift for all
the years spent with them!


Some of those present - doing what they like doing best,
having a beer and a chat!

Poppa belonged to the ever reducing number of men who
worked all their lives for the one firm!

This was also reported in the local Newspaper!

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 Finally ...

A Message :-)

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