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Army Life in Japan with the
Occupational Forces
1945 - 1948


My Favourite Photo!

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 The black and white photos, taken and developed in
Japan, are not good standard ... but are the best
available from those days!

The Sepia - were taken by professional Japanese
Photographers, much better, but mounted on
raw cardboard. Hmm!

~~~   ~~~   ~~~


Left - The only casual "snap" in uniform, George being the
shorter man.

Right - Sitting on the bed, naked, as most of them did to cope
with the heat and humidity.

The favourite pasttime of most men was to ...
Smoke! - Smoke! - Smoke! - all the free cigarettes the army

And this is why I am a Veteran Affairs War Widow today.

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Two photos of the devastation caused by the Atomic Bomb!

There were many, many photos such as these two on sale,
a form of money raising by the Japanese.

Occupation Forces were avid buyers!

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Finally ... George on the left ... with a mate!


 Wonder what's next?

Only way to find out is to follow the arrow!

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