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 "Goofey Georgie"


He never seemed to be able to stand comfortably
when having his photo taken

Eddie and Mabel look as if they are saying ...
"Come on - take it soon!

Hmm! not so bad I guess HaHa!


A family snapshot!

Back - Poppa' Mother Rene , Sister Lil, Brother Bobbie
Centre - Poppa's Grandmother & Great Grandmother (Rose Chant)
Front -Poppa, Brother Eddie (the baby), and Sister Mabel

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

World War 2
George was so proud of his sister Lil, who joined up
up in the early days of the war.

Whilst still in the Services she contracted lung T.B. and
spent twelve months in the Repatriation Hospital.

When due to be discharged from hospital it was discovered
she now had spinal T.B.

Another spell of at least four years lying in plaster casts
from neck to ankle.

I first met her on a visit to the hospital, about 1949;
she was still in hospital at the time of our wedding in 1951.

She had been learning to walk again, she had no clothes
other than hospital wear, and she badly wanted to be at
our wedding.

So the nurses went shopping for her, even managing to get
a fancy umbrella that would serve as her walking stick.

With hospital approval, and strict instructions not to be late
back, she came and enjoyed her first "normal"
activity in five years.

I broke with tradition, and instead of throwing my bouquet,
I presented it to Lil so she could let all those wonderful
nurses see and smell the heavenly ...
Gardenias and Lily of the Valley!

~~~   ~~~   ~~~



Left - visiting a girl friend, at - of all places - Claremont,
a suburb of Hobart, not far from where you now live!

He had just met me about 2 months prior to that visit
to the girl he called "Tassie"

Right - A few months later he had this photo taken for me,
he was ready to come and collect me for a date we had

Can't remember where we went - but I know it was the
end of that poor girl "Tassie"


 What's next in store ??

Come - See!

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