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On a joy ride!


You know this one well *grins*
It resides now in your mothers lounge room, taking
pride of place over the mantlepiece.

Enlarged (a lot *grins) tinted and in an oval woodgrain

Poppa hated it - I loved it - his mother gave it to me when
on a visit back home - I had to "hide" it in my case
to get it safely home.

It hung in the nook in my hall for many, many years, until
your mother managed to get it away from me HaHa!

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Blowing Bubbles                            He loved the chickens

I don't know what he thought of "those curls" he had them until
he started school ... I know he hated the photos showing them!


Left - strange to see a father playing with his son ...
"In a suit"
Right - Theo, a friend, Mabel and Poppa on the right.

Which - I wonder did he like best - the bike or the pup?

I am glad he got a bike in his early years- it gave him
time to practice for riding across Melbourne to
"court" me!


Come along now let's hit ...

the happy trail again.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~