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"Your Poppa"

13th July 1926 - 13th July 2002

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Renee Rosetta Susan - nee Martin (Australian)
Cecil Ernest Seymour (English)

Your Great Grandfather tried for 2 years, whilst still
living in England, to join the Australian Army
to fight in WW.1 - 1914-1918.

Eventually he did, and after the war he came to Australia
to live - met Renee - married - and raised his

Poppa was the middle child of five ...

Robert - Bobbie
(Irene) Mabel

He was a naughty student in school and only managed to achieve
the basic education before he started in the work force.
At that time school leaving age was 14 years.

After a couple of odd jobs he joined Cyclone Wire & Fencing,
he work for Cyclone all his life, with leave to join the
Army in World War 2 - 1939 - 1945.

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Back - Poppa, his Father, Bobbie
Front - Lil. His Mother, Eddie,Mabel

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On his retirement Cyclone provided a luncheon
at the local hotel.

He was considered to be one of the few remaining
people in the work force to have stayed in the
one job all his life.


Come along with me now and see ...


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