For the good times - Midi

"Finding Their Wings"

Terry & Linda ... 1963
Linda has now reached "Double Figures"

Life had begun to settled down to a pattern in
our new home!

It was hard at first accepting the casual attitude
to many things.


Leaving a city that ran - never walked - and now
living in a town with a philosophy of ...
... walk, don't run.
This was said to me by my neighbour - when she
saw me running to catch a bus.
As she put it - there will be another along soon.

A small supermarket had arrived in Melbourne
not long before we left - just long enough
for me to enjoy the benefits.

Now - I have to ...

"Take a Seat" - "Listen to the Gossip"
"Join in on a Weather Discussion"

Very soon I learned to allow more time to
be able to complete my shopping!


One benefit was ....

When the girl behind the counter learned that
I preferred marshmallow sweets better when
they became firm, she popped a bag under
the counter, and would not sell them
to me until they were firm.

She knew that I would not be able
to have them at home, and not
eat them! *grins*


During this period the kids were also finding
their way.
Linda started school - not always liking it, but
she eventually settled down.

She made many friends and was either visiting
or having visitors.
It was surprising how often one or another would
stay inside with me to chat - this continued to
be a pattern - some even kept doing it as
they reached their teens :-)

Two years later Terry started, and surprisingly, he
even liked his first day ... Wow!

Terry, unlike Linda, did not make friends he was
and still is a "Loner"

As the years rolled by he would get very impatient
about the school holidays - they were too long
and he was "losing" a lot of learning time.

Sometimes he would ask me what did a word
mean, and often the answer I gave him
would be ...

'I think it means this, but let's look it up to
see if I am right!

We bought a set of encyclopaedia to help with
their learning - between the dictionary and
encyclopaedia - time would pass so quickly.
Then we would discover we had been
delving into books for hours.

I do hope you enjoy a peak into our
lives as you visit "Photos"



 Midi - For the good times

Laurie - 2003



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