For the good times - Midi

"Their Younger Years"

Linda 4th March 1953 - Terry 29th March 1955

Life changed dramatically, after the first great excitement!

Morning sickness forced me to give up work.
Knitting needles did not come out of mothballs .., I never
liked knitting.
It was just an old treadle machine I wore to death.

I had such a lot of fun making all the clothes and preparing
a nursery!

At Last!
The long awaited day arrived!
A lovely baby girl arrived to enliven our days!

After a miscarriage another baby was on the way, two
years later our son was born, how great I thought,
a "pigeon pair"

No other gender being available we decided that our
family was complete :-)

Of course we had many ups and downs, sometimes it
felt like there were many more downs than ups.

Our son was a very sick baby for the first three months,
but somehow we coped, as all parents do, taking one
day at a time.

Just after their 3rd & 5th birthdays, we moved to
Tasmania, where we still live today.

It was a huge step to make moving to this beautiful
Island - semi cut off from the Mainland and
our families.

Terry was still in need of Specialist medical treatment
so he and I made many trips back to Melbourne for
the next few years.

School time arrived - as it is wont to do - no escaping
that, but I must admit I did enjoy some time alone.

Then came the ...

... teenage years, and what they do to the nerves!
Oh Boy!

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