For the good times - Midi

"Early Months of Marriage"
We continued to go dancing a lot, carefree
and happy *grins*

"Enjoying Life"
Most weekends were spent with friends and many parties
were held.

The above photo was at my works ball where we girls
wanted a photo without the men!

Many friends and relatives were "coming of age" or
getting married, therefore our social life became
very busy.

"In The House"
Setting up our home was so exciting, we didn't care that what
we had was skimpy - it was ours!

It wasn't long before we were having Sunday visitors, I always
kept the cake tins full, I was considered a good cook, even
tho I never used a mixer, I knew by touch when all
was well!

On the occasions my Aunty Vera visited I found myself asking
if she thought a batch of this or that I had in the oven ...
"Was cooked!"

She was a very good cook and all my confidence just flew
out the window when she was around ... Duh!

"In The Garden"
George had virgin clay soil to work with, it was most difficult
to get anything to grow ... but he laboured on.

Eventually things started to look better and he was so proud.
He kept ducks and hens and grew lots of vegetables.

A lot of his mates rallied around, much fun was had by all
as they attacked outside with enthusiasm!

Not to mention all the beer they consumed at the same time!

All in all - we had a ball!

Life was carefree!


Great news, a baby was on the way!

I hope you enjoy our photos - and the
mini tales that go with them :-)



 Midi - For the good times

 Laurie - 2003



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