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1951 - 52


We loved having visitors and showing off our new home.

Houses were hard to get in the early years after WW2 but George
qualified for assistance from War Services to buy our house.

Otherwise it would have been rented rooms for us *Grins*

We were able to begin moving in a few weeks before our wedding,
well George moved in, not me *grins*
That was "not done" in those days ... but we dared not leave the
house empty.
If squatters moved in not even the law could evict them



Left - my sister Barbara and her fiance Keith
Right - George's sister Lil , and yours truly.


Left - Tommy and Vera who had migrated from Ireland.
Centre ~ George
Right - George and I


George's sisters with me!
Mabel in the left ... Lil in the right
Mabel and I were in Colac to attend Lil's wedding,
by then I was beginning to show I was expecting.

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