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1976 Terry's 21st Birthday!

Once again we went away - this time to Burnie,
on the Northwest Coast.


The family always say I do things back to front,
they say it is because I am left handed.
So perhaps that is why I have put the last photo
here first :-)

 I do wonder what  
I was saying here - probably telling him to be a good boy!

The face of anticipation - followed by .... Oooh!
I wonder what is was *grins*
Too much water under the bridge now for me
to remember!

Linda giving Terry his very first, and his last lesson
in dancing - he has 2 left feet :-)


I am astounded how poorly some of my photos have
fared down the years.
I seem to remember "the powers that be" were also bringing
out better and better developing procedures and solutions.


They should not have bothered - in my opinion - some of
my old black and white box camera snaps are better.


Will take you back home safely!