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1972 - 1974

Linda on holidays in Melbourne.
She is at my mother's home, gazing at her
favourite photo of me :-)

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1 .. As a member of the Police & Citizen's Youth Club,
in her club leotard
2 .. In a Theatre dressing room preparing to go on stage
in the club's annual concert called ...
Kid's Kapers

Linda and Barry Clarke enjoying a cuddle in the sun!


Linda's 21st Birthday

A great treat for us all - we stayed at a motel in Hobart!

After the opening of presents we went out to dinner, we met
a friend from Launceston who came back to the motel with us,
so we were able to get a photo of we four and Barry Clarke.


Great excitement here!
I don't remember what the gifts were now, but I do know
she loved them!

Terry took this before we were ready - good one too,
much better really not to know it!