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1967 - 73

During these years Linda was the proud
representative of our family, at my Brother's
second marriage.

We could not all afford to go, and as she loved her
Uncle Ramon, she attended the wedding happily.

In fact I think she absolutely loved being allowed
to go on her own *smiles*

Jan had my sister's girls, Christine and Pauline
as her bridesmaids.


Linda was fast becoming "Fashion Conscious"

She loved the short skirts and long boots!


Terry was also "growing up"


He started at Matriculation College, and grew taller than his
parents: not really hard to be taller than us .. Hmm!

He dabbled in  a
lot of things, here he proudly spreads his art work
to be photographed.

He liked flowers, and enjoyed visiting the
Botanical Gardens with his father.



We decided to go up the mountains to see the Didlium Plains,
Yep, silly name Huh!

Silly People Too Duh!

We had taken some bottles of home made Ginger Beer with us,
when George and Linda released the cap they were sprayed
liberally - I felt like licking them, I was so thirsty!

The next bottle was handled as gently as a new born babe.
Once refreshed we continued on, our aim was to see a new
road being built.

We found it OK - in the photo above we reached as far as
was possible - this was a bit scary, George had not long
had his drivers license.

But we did arrive back home safely, I need not have worried.