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I prepared for this trip for many months, I made all
the clothes Linda and Terry would need.

I sewed after midnight when the house was silent.
I had the radio for company and did not notice
time flying by!

But one time, I sat in amazement; I remember thinking,
birds don't sing at night.
Then I noticed it was daylight outside.


This is the only time my mother had all of her
grandchildren together.

Sitting are Ramon's 2 boys, John & Paul.
On the right Barabara's 2 girls, Christine & Pauline.
On the left - my pigeon pair - guess we win!

Linda is the eldest, by nine months.
Then came Christine, Terry, Pauline, John & Paul.

Barbara and girls    &    Ramon


As usual - the kids were playing in an old bath tub of water:-)
Linda and Terry with Uncle Albert and his new Motor Scooter


George and kids with his mother - Nana Seymour.
Visiting his brother Eddie and his family.

Nana the kids and ...

As the saying goes - "No Show Without Punch"

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