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1960 - 1964

Heading for a day in the park!
One activity we all enjoyed - parents were able to let
the kids explore as much as they liked.
No fears for their safety - no matter where you went
safety was never a problem.

After all the crimes reported in the daily Melbourne
papers, it seemed strange to never read about any
crimes committed in Launceston.

Another Street Photographer - they were
always around *grins*

The park was actually "Princes Square" with a famous fountain
that came from France in the early days.
There was a lot for the kids to see and do - the time passed
so quickly.

Nana Seymour came for a visit - she loved a game of crib.
EVERY afternoon I had to play with her - while the kids hung
around and watched.

Then, one day Nana saw Linda teaching Terry to play - she was
She said "I WOULD NEVER let my kids play crib"

I ask you - who do you think taught them - Grrr!

It sure wasn't George or I!

During Nana's visit we went on a cruise up the Tamar River, this
was an outing that we never forgot, it meandered around many bends
and avoided lots whirlpools that were so fascinating.

There is actually an area in the river called
"Whirpool Reach"