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1960 - 1962

Life meandered on - we were quite happy not being in
a busy City.
No crowds pushing and shoving - counter attendants
who remembered you.

Repair men coming when promised!

All in All - A great place to live and rear your children.

One of the rare times when Linda looked less
than happy *grins*

This time - With his dog Bimbo!
A rarity - we never seemed to be able to get the four
of us in the same photo very often :-(

A visit from my mother and brother
Mum's favourite pasttime - a cup of tea in the sunshine :-)

Boarding the bus to go to the airport, we were all sad
to see them leave.

A Melbourne visitor took us for a trip up the mountains,
on the way we stopped to make snowballs.
The kids and I had never seen or touched snow before,
so it was a great thrill indeed!

Way up high - and freezing - an icy cold lake is in the
background - very strange to me - I didn't know
lakes could be on top of mountains .. HaHa!