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1958 - 1960

Our New Home - It seemed to be perched up high!

After living in a very flat area we just loved the hills
and slopes around us.
Not much of a garden but easy soil for George to grow whatever he wanted.

Much needed doing :-)
1 .. The driveway was very bare with very little growing
2 & 3 .. On a visit from Melbourne, Albert helped George to shift the Hills Hoist

All the space in the world for tumbling games, the neigbours kids
always gathered here to let off steam :-)

Shopping in town with Avis, our nextdoor neighbour.
Photo taken by a Street Photographer.

The garden was beginning to improve with flowers brightening
up the place, and we also had lots of fresh vegetables.
Terry is holding his cat Tiddles, poor cat doesn't look
very comfortable *grins*

Terry loved his new coat and Linda was so proud being
a "Brownie" in the Girl Guides Association.