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Saying Goodbye to Melbourne, this was not easy!

As the time drew nearer we wondered if we were doing
the right thing - visiting around just one more time
left us with a heavy heart!

Visiting my sister and her family.
1 & 2 .. Linda and Terry with Christine
3 ..Baby Pauline


Visiting our friends, Margaret and Arthur, here our
kids have a final ride on the rocking horse.


Visiting Gran and Uncle Albert ... also a final bit of fun
under the hose!


A visit to Nana Seymour - where they loved being
in the wilderness of her garden :-)

We visited George's sister on the farm near Colac.


Left - milking time - my kids and Marilyn
Right - the inevitable playing in water :-)

Aunty Lily, Uncle Max and Granddad Seymour also
had fun with all the kids ... in a park in town.

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