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1955 - 56

Terry @ 5 months
Taken by a professional photographer.
Terry is wearing a "Seymour Christening Gown"
it was more than 100 years old!

In this photo his cheeks were still wet from crying,
I had not been allowed to let him see me so he
was very upset, I said "cancel the photo" as
I came into Terry's view, the photographer
caught that moment so we got this
beautiful shot!

In 1955 Terence John arrived to complete our family.
He was a very sick baby during his early years.

He had high fat and high sugar intolerance, plus bronchial
troubles that left him with asthma and hay fever,
other lingering problems also plagued him.

The earliest photos we could get were when he was
three months old.


He could not be handled very much and for a long time he
could not even be bathed properly.

Once he was well enough he joined in all the fun of playing
in water, ably assisted by Linda :-)


Both kids loved to be with their Daddy!

With me too - I guess!


Left - His very first taste of chocolate, we gave him
a crackle cake *grins*

Right - he loved to follow his sister around!

Out in the dappled sunshine, the porch was a favourite place.
HaHa! Terry seems to be saying - I have got her chair!