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From "Night Owl"
"Growing Up"
Photos From a By-gone Era!

More About Me!
Before colour film - my cousin painted the photos
himself ... I am wearing green.

These were taken in 1948 - the first holiday I ever had,
I stayed with some cousins. Valerie & Jean Bulled.

Still a very shy young girl who was always so unsure of
herself - virtually apologising for living.

These cousins helped me understand a bit about getting
on with people - something I had never been able
to master before.

Later On!
Photos with my sister Barbara - taken in 1948
About this time I first met George.
Meeting him opened up a whole new world for me.
To start with I got a new name!

I was, and I am still, Lorraine to my siblings, but George,
hearing my name was Lorraine ....
said "Ah ... Laurie"
I loved that name and always used it after that.

Very few people in Tasmania, where I live now, know my
name is really Lorraine. *S*

George and Laurie in 1949

I began having a "social" life at last.
All very exciting!

My Hobbies!

Before meeting George - I only ever read or did embroidery,
I had my bottom drawer full to overflowing - includiug a set
of embroidered tea-towels - for drying the dishes!

I even took pleasure in darning sox - can you believe that!

With reading - it was anything and everything I could get
my hands on ... I loved to learn new words, and all about new
A dictionary was never far from my side.
Another love was an atlas - here I would dream about all the
romantic sounding places.
Day dreaming was a favourite pastime for me, in my daydream
world I could be anybody in any place.

Life was so rosy in my dreams!

More Photos!


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 Laurie - August 2002