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From "Night Owl"
"Growing Up"

Nobody Promised It Would Be Easy!
Typical of me ... if I didn't have my head in a book
I was lost.

About Me!
Today I am a Great Grandmother - therefore most of the photos
you will see were taken 50 - 60 years ago!

In yesteryear I was a ....
... shy and lonely girl, my first memories are when I was four,
I cut off the top of my middle finger.
A bush doctor attended to me - he sat me on his dining room table
and - without any anaesthetic - he stitched the top back on.

After that I had nightmares about a Chinaman chasing me with
a large knife, these lasted for many months.

During my schooldays that finger haunted me - along with having
been born with a "Harelip" I was always the school "freak"

It didn't help that in my 10 years of schooling - I went to 13 schools.
I was never at one school long enough for others to accept me.

It was my father's fault - he could never suffer fools; he considered
all bosses were fools!
So time after time we moved from country, to city, to country,
until WW11 and he joined the RAAF (the Australian Air Force)
as a cook, he was stationed in New Guinea until he was
invalided home.


When I was in the second grade - Hamilton - Victoria.
I was about 7 then.

At the end of my school days! I was 15.
Taken with my young sister.
In Melbourne, the Capital City of Victoria.

My Passion!
Books became my "Best Friends" I spent many long hours reading
anything or everything I could get my hands on.

My mother always sent me to the local lending library to get books
for her, at one penny a book.
I would save my penny pocket money - plus walk to school to save
another penny.
I saved this way to get books for myself.

My mother never knew, I always tucked the extra books I had
borrowed, in through my window when I got home.

The extra books were read by torchlight under the bedclothes.

More Photos if you wish to see them!


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 Laurie - July 2002





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