The Historic Village ~ Richmond ~ Tasmania


The place chosen by Miranda and Damien for their Wedding
Ceremony and Reception.

Richmond is a genuine village of slate and cobbles, handmade brick
and mellow stone cottages and manors.
Wander streets lined with sandstone buildings that now serve as
showplaces for the best of Tasmania's fine art and crafts.

In days gone by, Prospect House was a manor for the gentry.

Early Bird wedding guests, George and I did not want
to be late, so we had plenty of time to relax in the car park
at Prospect House and enjoy the peaceful countryside.

A view from a distance, the house is nestled in
beautiful grounds.


These rolling lawns are ideal for wedding ceremonies.


The peace and tranquillity enhances the occasion and
the bridal party approach the central point with a great
feeling of reverence


This is one of the courtyards where receptions may be
held, it is a lovely quiet serene place for all to gather
and wish the bride and groom good health and
much happiness.

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